Are you looking to improve your yield within the Student or Residential market?



When advertising a property a photo is the first thing that a consumer will see. This means that the first look is crucial and can create interest in the property which is why we specialise in stylising your products in a way that appeals to the correct target audience.


A well designed property can also be advertised for a higher price increasing your yield.


So if your property is needing a refresh or maybe a complete redesign contact us today for more information.



Before and After

This Student property I have worked on is completely transformed. 

These rooms were cluttered, unorganised and were in desperate need of a makeover.


Now the rooms are bright, modern and provide a relaxing and stylish environment for the prospective tenants.


Before the design the rooms were going for around £75 a week and now around £110 a week


Contact us today if your property is in need of a bit of TLC or a complete redesign.






Kitchen and Living Rooms


Featured above is a stylish open plan kitchen/diner/living room space I worked on. A communal area like this brings a whole house together.




In a shared house a bedroom is a sanctuary, your own space. Having a well designed bedroom can attract potential consumers and increase their likelihood of renting.



A fresh and modern bathroom is another element of a property that if designed right can increase the amount of interest in a property



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